Village of Old Coulsdon

A very Short History of  Coulsdon . Surrey. UK. Part 3
1841. Stoats Nest Railway station was opened by the London & Brighton Railway
The station was closed in 1856
Croydon, Merstham, and Godstone railway closed
1873 A railway line was proposed, by the South Caterham Railway, to run from Purley along Old Lodge Lane, and Caterham Drive, to terminate at Money Pit.
This is now known as Money Road, Caterham. It is between Westway, and Banstead Road.
Can not find any reference to the meaning of the original name of Money Pit.
1882 Another  railway line was proposed, by the Upper Caterham Railway, to run from the main line at Coulsdon, through Happy Valley to Willey Heath, Chaldon.
This location, I believe, is now the site of the Surrey National Golf Course, Chaldon.
Neither of these schemes got any further than the planning stage.
What a lucky escape we had.
1883. Coulsdon Common & Farthing Downs were dedicated as
open spaces in perpetuity
Cane Hill Hospital opened

1889. The station now called Coulsdon South opened on October 1st , and was named Coulsdon
March 1896 it was renamed Coulsdon and Cane Hill
July 1923 again renamed as Coulsdon East

1st August 1929 renamed, yet again, as Coulsdon South
1899. A new Stoats Nest railway station was opened
1904. Smitham railway station was opened

1910. 29th January. Rail crash at Stoats Nest station killing seven people
The Brighton to London express
parted in two when crossing points at the station
The front part stayed on the rails, and the rear half de-railed and crashed into the platform
The Purley & Coulsdon Troop of Boy Scouts were nearby and rendered service to the injured
The entire troop was awarded the Scout Movements Medal of Merit
The station was renamed Coulsdon North
1915. Coulsdon & Purley Urban District Council was formed
1921. The last squire of Coulsdon Manor, Edmund Byron, died
The title was transferred over to the Coulsdon & Purley Council, and in 1964 to the new London Borough of Croydon
1944. Hitler's V1 Flying bombs (Doodlebugs) landed on Coulsdon
1964. Coulsdon & Purley Council incorporated into the
London Borough of Croydon
1975. 1300 years of Coulsdon history was celebrated since the Abbot of Chertsey was appointed Lord of the Manor in 675
OC 1
Millennium Cairn Old Coulsdon

1983. Coulsdon North station closed
1992. Cane Hill Hospital closed
2000. Millennium cairns were erected at Old Coulsdon, and on Farthing Downs
2002. Red Lion Pub at Smitham Bottom, now called Coulsdon since the late 19th century,  closed, and boarded up

There is talk of it being demolished, and a Supermarket built on
the site
The Red Lion was a coaching Inn for 150 years before the coming
of the railway in 1841. Before then it was the only landmark for miles around on what is now the A23
2003. Work starts, tree clearing, on the building of the Coulsdon Bypass
September 2003. New Hill, formally known as Great Western Wood, and Western Wood, brought from developers by the Corporation
of London
Building on this 80 acre site, next to Farthing Downs, and
Happy Valley, was interrupted by the Second World War, and then brought to a standstill with the designation of the
Metropolitan Green Belt
2006. The Coulsdon bypass should be finished and open in September
18th December 2006. The bypass opens, after three years of building, at a cost of £33 million.
Promptly runs into a gridlock situation due to the traffic lights, at each end,  not working in phase together
20th July 2007. One months worth of rain fell on Old Coulsdon in three hours
In my part of the village this caused a power cut that lasted for
26 hours.
It started at 9.50am on Friday July 20th, and ended at 11.50am
on Saturday 21st
2010 St John's Church celebrates it's 750th anniversary
May 22nd 2010 Smitham Railway Station Renamed Coulsdon Town
Nov 13th 2010 The derelict Cane Hill hospital was destroyed by fire